Our Story

Find out how Collaborate started

We are a group of four women who came together through our shared vision of ‘making it easier to make change’. We are passionate about using our skills and time for social change – and we know we are not alone.

We were all volunteering for community organisations who were struggling to get great projects off the ground. They were big on ideas that would have a positive social impact but short on capacity; they needed more people with skills and time to make them happen. We all also found it hard to find opportunities where our skills could really add value and make a difference. We want projects that get us excited, that work around our busy lives and where we feel we are really using our skills to their full potential.

How can Wellington be full of young people with time, energy and skills, such as young
designers, lawyers and social workers, looking for experience and places to volunteer
and community organisations’ still struggle to find them?

That’s when we knew we needed a better way to connect. This is where Collaborate
was born.

Meet the team