To create a volunteer profile you need to login with Facebook.  By using a Facebook login it allows users to sign up quickly but also gives volunteers and organisations an extra level of security. 

For the volunteer, your password is held by Facebook and never seen or held by Collaborate.   For organisations, because volunteers who apply must have a Facebook account, organisations are further protected, reducing the risk the applicant is not a real person.

As a volunteer, when you express interest in a role the only information the organisations will see from your Facebook account is your full name and email address.  The only information the Collaborate app uses from Facebook is your full name, email address and your profile picture.

For our next upgrade, we will have other ways for volunteers to log in, however, for now you can be assured that no information about you is being shared between Collaborate and Facebook, other than your name and email address.

For more information please see our Privacy Policy.