What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is a web app that connects people to volunteer opportunities that match their skills and interests.  For community organisations, Collaborate lets you post projects that you need volunteers for so you can find skilled volunteers quickly.  For volunteers, Collaborate lets swipe through projects in your area that match your skills, interests, and what you are looking for.

Who can use Collaborate?

Absolutely anyone who wants to make a difference can make a profile and start swiping through opportunities!

What type of volunteering opportunities are available?

There are a large range of volunteering opportunities available on Collaborate – from one-off or project-based opportunities to ongoing opportunities.  There are also a range of online opportunities for anyone who would prefer not to travel.

Once I have created a volunteer profile will I be able to change it?

Your profile, interests and skills can be changed at any time by selecting the profile tab on the right-hand corner of the app.

The only things that can’t be changed through the app are your email address and picture as these are automatically pulled from your Facebook account.  To change these, you need to do so through Facebook.

I have tried to log in, but I just keeps on loading.

Collaborate needs access to your location to work.  To log in, the app is waiting for you allow your location to be shared with Collaborate.

To allow sharing you should see a pop up on your left-hand side of the screen.  If you don’t, make sure you don’t have pop ups blocked.

Not sure why you need to share your location?  Read the next FAQ.



Why does Collaborate need my location?

Volunteer opportunities are filtered by location.  The opportunities that are closest to you appear first on the app.   This makes it easy to see if you had a spare hour, what good you can do right then and there!

Why can’t I find Collaborate in the App Store?

Collaborate is a web app which means the app can be used on any device, whether that is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Although a web app, Collaborate has been optimised for smartphone use and can be used on either an Android or IOS phone.  Web apps can’t be downloaded from an app store, however, you can still save Collaborate to your home screen for quick and easy access. To find out how check out the next FAQ.