About Us

Collaborate is a mobile app that matches young people with volunteer opportunities that are relevant to their skill set and interests. Community organisations post specific tasks, (such as short-term web designing, or a beach cleanup), and connect instantly with volunteers who indicate interest.

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For community organisations, Collaborate lets you post projects that you need volunteers for, so that you can find skilled volunteers quickly.

For volunteers, Collaborate lets you swipe through projects in your area, that match your skills, interests, and what you are looking for – be it a one-off way to do some good with a free Sunday afternoon or something bigger.

Think how much easier Uber made getting a taxi, Airbnb made finding accommodation, and Tinder made finding a date. Now Collaborate makes it easier to give back to your community.

The app is currently in development. To have your say on how you want the app to work for you, or to keep up to date with Collaborate’s progress click here.