The Rotary Club of Wellington and the Ākina Foundation created an award to help social enterprises in the Wellington region called the Rotary-Akina Social Enterprise Kick-start Award.  The joint venture provides $10,000 in cash to promising start-ups, with up to $8,000 for the top venture.

On Monday night we pitched to the judges and were named the Runner up, and were awarded $3000!


 “This grant will allow us to kickstart building our app. We have charities and social organisations ready to pilot the app. The grant money will help us develop our prototype into a real product they can use to connect to our growing database of excited volunteers waiting to contribute their skills. ”

Co-Founder Ceara McAuliffe Bickerton

To apply for the award we created a 3-minute video which answered the following four questions:

  • What social or environmental impact do you intend to have?
  • How you plan to deliver and sustain your enterprise?
  • Why you are the team to make this happen?
  • What difference will this money make to your idea?

Check out our video


Collaborate Rotary-Ākina Kickstart Award from Ceara McAuliffe Bickerton on Vimeo.


Find out more about the Rotary-Akina Social Enterprise Kick-start Award

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